March 5, 2016

Prague Pulse is a magazine founded by English speakers in Prague to serve as a creative outlet for the expansive community of expats, tourists, and Czech natives living in Prague that have stories to tell. We focus on social, cultural and political events around the Czech Republic as well as covering issues of life abroad and travel.


Seneca Garrison

Editor in Chief

Seneca Garrison grew up traveling with her family, living in seven countries by the time she graduated high school. These years abroad formed her love of writing, particularly writing about travel and cultures. After graduating with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Colorado in Denver she moved to Prague to satiate her love of living overseas. She splits her time between writing and editing, teaching English, and working on film and television productions. During college, she was a journalism intern with Bolivian Express Magazine in La Paz, Bolivia. ‘Prague Pulse’ was born from Seneca’s nostalgia for her internship days and a need for a creative outlet to break up the stress of teaching.

Seneca can be reached here for more information on writing or interning with Prague Pulse

Amy Nunnelly

Creative Director

Amy Nunnelly is a middle school teacher/writer from the small town of Ohatchee, Alabama. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Jacksonville State University and taught third grade for the five years following. After growing tired of the monotony of living on a pine tree farm in southern USA, she made the move to Prague, Czech Republic. When she’s not teaching children, she spends her days traveling, writing freelance, and attending live music shows around the city. She loves meeting interesting people and is always on the lookout for new opportunities.

To learn more about partnering with Prague Pulse contact Amy here

Allison Body

Managing Editor

Allison is a Managing Editor and a contributing writer for Prague Pulse who has been enjoying life in Prague since 2014. She originally hails from St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., and is graduate of Rockhurst University in Kansas City with a B.A. (Hons) in English and Religious Studies and a minor in Art History. Allison is now preparing to pursue her Master’s in Secondary Education – English at Regis University in Denver. She currently works as a freelance content writer, editor for Those Who Inspire Ltd. and certified ESL teacher. Her interests include all things Prague, funky jewelry, and a good debate.

Contact for freelance writing or editing work here.

Caroline Corrigan

Managing Editor

Caroline hails from North Carolina, and yes, she’s heard “Caroline from Carolina” a million times before, and has found it to be a helpful way for getting people to remember her name. She has a B.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication from UNC-Chapel Hill, and moved to Prague in 2014 with her fat cat, Evee, who is the worst travel companion. Currently, Caroline is a copywriter for an online marketing company in central Prague, in addition to teaching private English lessons. When she’s not working (a rare sight), she can be found writing and editing articles for Prague Pulse, eating pizza, or enjoying a Pilsner or three with friends.

Nick Fox

Web Management

Somewhat of a handyman for Prague Pulse, Nick has a panoply of responsibilities and interests in the organization. With a background in music, art, Cellular Biology, and Mechanical Engineering, he prefers to tackle creative projects that require a technical proficiency. Before Prague Pulse, Nick worked as a designer of industrial fish packing machinery and innovative water treatment technology in Colorado, USA. Currently living in Prague, Nick is an aspiring web-developer and illustrator for our magazine. He has been captivated by the European lifestyle and has no plans to leave Prague in the near future.

Bradley Bailey

Web Management

Currently working as part of the web management and development team for Prague Pulse and as a TEFL certified freelance English teacher and editor, Brad has lived in the Czech Republic since 2011. Raised in a rural Pennsylvania town, he became fascinated by other languages and cultures. This inspired him to major in Linguistics, with minors in Italian and Spanish, at the University of Pittsburgh. A few short months after graduating, Brad made the decision to start a new life teaching English abroad in Europe. Brad has taken up web development as a hobby in recent years and soon hopes to turn it into a successful career.

Jack Starkey


Born and raised in San Francisco, California but attending college in Kansas, Jack joins the Prague Pulse team as the newest intern for the summer. Although being Prague Pulse’s first ever intern may seem like a daunting task, he feels up for the challenge. With a background in journalism and photography Jack cannot wait to get started on a summer filled with exploring, writing, and helping with whatever else the Prague Pulse team needs.

Stijn van Venrooij


The moment she set foot in Prague for the first time a couple of years ago, Stijn fell head over heels in love with the city. Although she is born and raised in the Netherlands, where she also recently finished her Bachelor’s in International Communication & Media, she strives to spend as much time abroad as she possibly can – having to leave her beloved ukulele behind being the hardest part of that. As Prague Pulse’s brand new intern, she can combine two of her biggest passions, exploring and writing, while enjoying the Czech summer.