Previous Interns

A picture of Jack Starkey

Jack Starkey

June-August 2016

“I enjoyed every minute working for Prague Pulse as their intern. The program not only taught me more about journalism and writing but it also gave me a broader view of the behind the scenes work that goes into producing a magazine. I worked a lot on the website as well as helped with some design which I thought was awesome. I learned new skills in the months that I was at Prague Pulse as well as met a great group of people that really seemed to love what they do. It was a great summer and I am grateful for the opportunity they gave me.”

A photo of Margaret Reed

Margaret Reed

June-August 2016

“This past summer I was lucky enough to work with Seneca and the many other talented people at Prague Pulse. This new magazine is created by people passionate about Prague and the many opportunities it offers. As someone new to Prague it was great to be introduced to a group of expats so welcoming, and willing to let me be a part of their team even if briefly. I highly encourage anyone interested in journalism, writing, or even just passionate about discovering a new place to look into interning for Prague Pulse. I was open to meeting new people and having new experiences thanks to Prague Pulse, and greatly appreciate the opportunity I was given within this community that constantly supports and challenges.”