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Prague Pulse interns enjoying the Prague riverside


Come spend a month in the heart of Europe with Prague Pulse, a nonprofit magazine start-up founded by English-speaking creatives in Prague that focuses on social and cultural events and issues that come with living abroad in the Czech Republic. The magazine is seeking interns interested in learning the behind-the-scenes of journalism while getting to know one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

We offer a one-month to three-month program that includes writing assignments each month to be featured in the magazine, journalism classes, photography classes, Czech lessons, accommodations, an introduction to the city, and an excellent international network that can connect participants to their next adventure.

This is a great opportunity for those taking a gap year, summer adventure seekers, recent graduates, resumé builders, and aspiring writers, editors, photographers, and travelers. The magazine offers a manageable workload that allows interns to make the most of their time in Prague. Interns will live the life of a working professional, gathering interviews and sources, taking classes, creating content, and learning about the business side of things for about 15 hours per week.

The rest of the time can be spent taking in the art, culture, and history of Prague, the Czech Republic, and all of Europe!


  1. Intern for a nonprofit magazine start-up in the Czech Republic.
  2. Learn about the behind-the-scenes of journalism.
  3. Gather interviews and talk to sources, take journalism and photography classes, and create wonderful content.
  4. Take in the art, culture, and history of Prague and the Czech Republic.
  5. Visit the famous Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and the beautiful Vltava River.

Prague Pulse Interns and Staff enjoying a sunny day in Cesky Krumlov



Program Includes:

We offer 1-3 month programs that include a range of:
1+ writing assignment per month to be featured in the magazine


Journalism classes
Photography classes
Czech lessons (other European languages can be made available, as well)

Accommodation with other interns
An introduction to the city
An excellent international network that can connect you to your next adventure
Monthly metro pass
Local cell phone
Airport pick-up/drop off
24/7 in-country support from our staff

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