May 9, 2016

Prague Spring – Issue 1

Release Date: 15.04.2016

Editorial by Seneca Garrison

Spring means different things to different people. Here in the Czech Republic, the words ‘Prague Spring’ have strong political and historical connotations that resonate throughout families, cities, and the organization of daily life. The Prague Spring was the Czech people’s push for freedom from communism, abruptly silenced by an attack orchestrated by Soviet forces in 1968. Of course, spring in Prague is also a time of beauty, renewal, love and growth that ignites the will to get out and try new things. In our first issue of Prague Pulse, we wanted to respectfully explore the past of this great country where we are based as well as address the new opportunities and experiences that living here has presented us. Together, our team landed on a spectrum of ideas, art, and stories that mirror the many moods, memories and angles of life in Prague during springtime.

Articles in this issue:

By Caroline Corrigan

Everyone knows communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship (I seriously don’t understand how therapists are still getting paid to tell people this). Yet, it can be one of the most challenging skills for any couple to effectively master. Thanks to globalization, transnational and mult...

By Petra Nováková

Prague Spring

Ahh Prague spring, yeah, what to say -
Here’s a beautiful March day!
Or a terrible day? Watch the sky,
It’s gon...

By Anthony Freda

Cimrman: The man doesn't exist, yet his influence reaches farther than anybody else's in the country. His work is essential to understanding Czech culture. To a non-native, however, it reads more like a long-running inside joke; not only are his plays filled with obscure history and wordplay...

By Collin Calderwood

What are you doing with your life? What should you be doing with your life? It’s one of the bigger questions associated with our existence, right up there with “Why are we here?” This question, “What should you be doing with your life?” is a question we all have to deal with and usually...

By Amy Nunnelly

Independent local Czech group selects the top five places in 2015 to drink a Pilsner in Prague; American expats put their selection skills to the test. Everyone visiting the Czech Republic will take immediate notice to the fact that the Czechs take their beer mostly very seriously. After masterin...

By Prague Pulse Staff

Are you into Czechnology or are you more of a Czechnophobe?

A bank manager says about Franz Kafka, "I don't like it when he comes in, he's always writing bad Czechs."

By Seneca Garrison

The Czech Republic has a long, convoluted history with communism. After being liberated by Russia at the end of World War II, the Czechoslovakian people fell behind the veil of the Iron Curtain in 1948. In January of 1968, under the guidance of newly elected First Secretary of the Communis...

By Seneca Garrison

Bergen, Norway in under $200

Yes, we really spent 5 days in Norway and spent less than $200 each with flights, accommodation, everything. But, yes, there is a bit of a catch. No matter how you swing it, it is absolu...

By Denisa Křížová

There are not many holidays as strange as Easter. Even for me – a Czech native – this holiday was odd when I was a child. What’s the point? Easter Monday. The day when boys visit girls to spank them with an Easter whip – tradition or just strange? First of all, let’s have a look around a...