March 5, 2016


We are always open to new contributors and ideas. Each month we operate under a specific theme to guide our writers and keep the issue cohesive. Look below to read about our upcoming theme, fiction submissions, and how to submit your writing.

Magazine Submissions

The theme for our fifth issue will be ‘On The Contrary’. This can be interpreted in many different ways: think of culture clashes, contradicting political opinions, surprising plot twists, opposites that attract, comparisons between people, paradoxes or diversities. Or maybe you can come up with something completely different – let us know!

All ideas must submitted by August 19th.

If this sparks an article idea into your brain, please write to us. We assign article lengths, deadlines, and provide edits for chosen assignments. We also require photographs or illustrations with each article but have photographers, cameras and talented artists on hand to help you out. It is a great opportunity to be published here in Prague, build connections with other writers, photographers, editors and designers, as well as focus creative energy into a communal project.

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Fiction Submissions

Are you an exploring enthusiast with tantalizing tales on the tip of your tongue? Well It’s time for some fantastic fiction fun! Prague Pulse wants YOU to rack your brain, unleash your imagination and share your stories in a way that will inform and entertain us through the limitless world of fiction writing.

The requirements are as follows:

Writer: An expat or local who is living in (or has lived in) an interesting place (this is completely subjective...your story should aim to make any place interesting)

Target audience: English speakers who are interested in the not-so-obvious aspects of traditions, cultures and countries

Aim: The story should aim to entertain and inform the reader through fictional characters and experiences. Share cultural experiences that could easily be overlooked. Paint a picture of landscapes and common practices through your words. Entertain us through fictional anecdotes and create characters that embody the best and worst of what interesting places have to offer.

Word limit: 1700 words

If you have an itching idea, send your story pitch to our Fiction selector, Debbie, here.

Prague pulse Fiction story
Word limit: 800-1000 words
Writer: Expat in Czech rep or Expat living anywhere abroad or local/expat living in Czech Rep
Target audience: expats living in CR, Czechs who are interested in how expats perceive their country, people abroad who want to know about life in CR
Story must contain some aspect of Czech life or culture i.e. Czech characters or Czech lands or Czech history or Czech traditions. The story aims to inform the reader about the CR in an interesting way. The story must also be connected to the monthly theme.